Forging consulting services

Keep your forging business moving ahead with our broad equipment, process, and operational expertise.

Are you facing the challenge of developing a specific ring rolling technique? Or producing complex aerospace structural forgings? Are you an OEM that is interested in developing forging cost targets, or in need of help with understanding or evaluating your forging suppliers? Do you want to optimize your forging heat treatment process?

You can turn to Siempelkamp ForgeIQ for answers to these and all of your forging questions. From forging basics to forging equipment specification, our team offers decades of experience in countless forging environments, and we’ve probably seen it all. Move your business forward by taking advantage of our decades of operational expertise. We can provide commercial costing, pricing, and contracting support as well.

Here are just a few of the areas in which Seimpelkamp ForgeIQ can help:

• Aerospace industry forging
• Automotive industry forging
• Oil & gas industry forging
• Forging project management
• Forging process development
• Analytical tool application (FEA, SPC, etc.)

Forging equipment part, green, yellow, orange
Forging machine working in a large piece
Forging machine improvement sketch